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3 Signs You Need To See a Chiropractor

HeadachesMany people have reservations about visiting a chiropractor for treatment. Others don’t bother until they have suffered a severe injury. However, if you visit your local chiropractor when you first experience symptoms, you can save yourself much pain by treating the problem in its early stages.

Here are 3 signs that you should pay your chiropractor a visit:

1.     Chronic Pain in Muscles and Joints

Many of us tend to take aspirin when we experience pain in our muscles or joints. But since most of the pain in our muscles and joints is associated with misalignment of the musculoskeletal system, trained chiropractors can help you resolve it without medication.

2.     Sharp Pain in the Legs

Sharp pain or tingling in the legs is often a sign of a pinched nerve or slipped disc. As a first option or even if all other treatments have failed it’s time to visit a chiropractor who can help you find relief. Often through spinal adjustment, the pressure on the nerve can be alleviated.

3.     Frequent Headaches

Taking painkillers for headaches isn’t a long term solution for the problem and like any other disease, frequent headaches also have a root cause. It may be due to neck or upper back misalignment. You can visit a chiropractor who can help treat and remove the cause of the pain helping you to find relief and finally get rid of your headaches.

When you first notice these signs, give us a call so we can help you at (541) 389-1191.

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